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Workers’ Compensation Retaliation Attorney El Paso

Retaliation After Filing a Workers' Compensation Claim

When workers file injury claims after workplace accidents, they often find that they are treated differently by their employer. At the Law Firm of Daniela Labinoti, P.C., in El Paso, Texas, our El Paso Workers’ Compensation Retaliation Attorney represent employees in retaliation claims against their employers.


We provide aggressive representation in courts throughout West Texas and Southern New Mexico. Our Texas work accident law firm has the resources and the skill to help you protect your employment rights after a workers' compensation claim. For a free initial consultation with an experienced El Paso Workers’ Compensation Retaliation Lawyer, contact us by e-mail or call 915-581-4600.

Understanding Your Rights In Workers’ Compensation Retaliation Case

If you were forced to hire an El Paso workers' compensation lawyer to get the compensation you were owed, you may expect your employer to be unhappy with you. Whether or not your workers' compensation claim was contested, your employer is not allowed to fire you, demote you, pass you over for promotion or otherwise punish you for seeking compensation after a workplace injury. State and federal law prevents employers from these acts of retaliation. If your employer isn't treating you fairly after a workers' comp claim, you should speak to an El Paso Workers’ Compensation Retaliation Attorney as soon as possible.

Unpaid Workers' Compensation

In addition to retaliation claims, we can help you actually collect the compensation owed to you. When an insurance company fails to make the proper workers' compensation payments, you may be forced to take them to court. We have extensive litigation experience. Our El Paso Workers’ Compensation Retaliation Lawyers are not afraid to litigate against insurance companies. Whatever your case requires, we will be there to fight for you.

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