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Car Accidents Attorney El Paso

Helping The Victims Of Motor Vehicle Accidents In Texas And New Mexico

When people drive drunk, don't pay attention to the road or drive in an unsafe way, they can cause significant damage. If you have been injured or if you have lost a loved one to the negligent conduct of another, you may have a right to compensation.


At the Law Firm of Daniela Labinoti, P.C., in El Paso, we fight for the victims of motor vehicle accidents. From dealing with insurance companies to presenting your case to a judge and jury, we will give you the aggressive representation you need and deserve. Contact us online or call 915-581-4600 to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

New Mexico And Texas Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

When people are driving under the influence of alcohol, they represent a serious danger to pedestrians and other motorists. Regardless of whether the driver is convicted of a DUI, the people who were harmed have the right to pursue compensation in civil litigation. It is important to hold drunk drivers accountable for the damage they have done, as well as the laws they have broken.

Serious Motor Vehicle Accidents

Fatal car and truck collisions can leave families in turmoil. Semi-trucks pose a particular risk because of their size and lack of maneuverability. If you have lost someone to a car or trucking accident, we can help you recover compensation for your loss. We have experience in all types of motor vehicle accidents, including bus, van and railroad collisions.

Insurance companies think they can push people around. When you have been injured, you might be unable to work. Your medical bills can pile up quickly, just as your income falls off. Insurance companies will take advantage of the pressure you are feeling in order to pay you less than you deserve. We can help you fight back. To speak with an experienced El Paso personal injury lawyer, e-mail us or call 915-581-4600 to schedule your free initial consultation.