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El Paso Workplace Injury Attorney

Workers' Compensation Is Not Enough

When employees are injured at their place of work, they often assume that workers' compensation will cover the costs associated with their injury. However, in many cases workers' compensation is either denied or simply not enough to cover all your expenses.


If you have been hurt on the job, experienced El Paso work injury attorney Daniela Labinoti can work to ensure you get the compensation you deserve from your employer through a personal injury claim.

You should not have to settle for less compensation than you deserve. Our skilled litigation and negotiation team will work with you to build a solid work injury case. Contact us at 915-581-4600 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Building Strong Cases For Clients

When you are hurt in your workplace, it is important to contact an attorney who focuses on work injury cases as soon as possible. It is likely your employer will begin to work against you so as not to pay for your injuries. Your employer may even claim that your injury was caused outside of work. A few things to consider when you experience a workplace accident:

  • File a report immediately, in writing, and give it to your employer. Many employers have a 24-hour reporting deadline, so it is best to file a report the same day.
  • Ask if your employer has a workers' compensation policy. If so, ask to see the workers' compensation doctor right away.
  • If your employer does not have a workers' compensation policy, find out if you are covered under another plan for injury recovery, possibly as part of an ERISA benefit plan.

Our personal injury team can help ensure you are properly compensated for your workplace injury. If you experience adverse treatment, discrimination or termination after filing your workplace injury claim, you will need a knowledgeable El Paso employment law attorney as well. To learn how an experienced El Paso work injury lawyer can assist you, contact our office in El Paso at 915-581-4600 or fill out our online form.